GNN Plot Database

Plot Database

LEMMA offers a number of data tables associated with GNN products. The tables can be downloaded by clicking on the plot database link below. The database contains plot data for all modeling regions within a project. Documentation for these tables is embedded in the Data Dictionary section below.

Product DescriptionStatusImagery yearDate postedDownload
Plot database (MS Access format) and associated documentationFINALN/A04/21/2014/export/databases/ (36.3 MB)

Data dictionary for tables included in plot database

The data dictionary below lists all tables that have been attached to the above plot database. Click on the plus symbol in the first column to see fields for that table. In the resulting list, if a field has coded entries, clicking on the plus symbol in the first column ('C') will show all codes. For information on how a field is calculated, click on the plus symbol in the second column ('F') for details. The fields for a table can be fully expanded or collapsed with 'expand all' and 'collapse all' links.

Table SchemaTable NameTable Description
distSPPSZ_ATTR_LIVEAll live summary variables (and plot information) that can be attached to GNN species-size models
distSPPSZ_ATTR_DEADAll dead summary variables that can be attached to GNN species-size models
distTREE_BA_CROSSTABPlot by tree species basal area cross-tabulation table
distTREE_BIO_CROSSTABPlot by tree species biomass (Component Ratio Method) cross-tabulation table
distTREE_COV_CROSSTABPlot by tree species percent cover cross-tabulation table
distTREE_VOL_CROSSTABPlot by tree species volume cross-tabulation table
dboSPECIES_CLASSClassifications of all overstory and understory species